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On April 20, 2022, Grace Gorenstein commented on Is Amazon Planning on Using NLP to Control Employee Interaction? :

Hi Nico,

Thanks for writing this post about Amazon! Brings up really interesting topics about the FORMAT recognition should encompass — in our last class, we discussed the power of super-recognizers, and employees who felt they did not receive recognition.

If the platform was to be widely adopted — and believed in — by Amazon employees, despite the competitive nature of Amazon as a whole, is this a net positive? Or is it unrealistic to expect managers to really give these “Shout Outs” to employees? If the accolades aren’t genuine, the program isn’t much use.

How do you think Amazon might be able to ensure that the feedback is authentic and meaningful?

On April 20, 2022, Grace Gorenstein commented on “Big Data” or “Big Brother”? :

Hi Peizhen,
Great blog post! Really draws the comparison between data for good and its ethical implications in a way that makes the reader think: it’s hard to gather what the answer is — if there even is one.

Perhaps the solutions will vary between companies, and employees will “self-select” into organizations who’s data analytics and people analytics practices are in line with their preferred ideals. However, it could also vary dramatically by role — a fulfillment worker at an Amazon warehouse may have more data points to be collected than a CEO. Perhaps all this concern is really only for non-leadership roles. What do you think?

On April 20, 2022, Grace Gorenstein commented on People Analytics in Medicine :

Hi Gauthier,

This was a fascinating — albeit scary — post! The implications of an unqualified surgeon in certain scenarios is certainly a real one, and brings the implications of people analytics to the forefront in a really important way.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts as to whether you believe surgeons in general would be supportive or unsupportive of increased data analytics and monitoring in their profession. Do you think there’ll be a generational divide? Further, will patients need to consent to provide this information to hospitals?