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On April 19, 2022, Mary Helen deGolian commented on People Analytics for a trip to Mars? :

Hi Samar! Thank you for sharing this article – how fascinating. I think for NASA’s case, given the sheer volume of talent and the very specific technical skills required for a mission, this makes a lot of sense. I feel that an algorithmic marketplace could highlight very specific, objective skills and experiences that are needed for a technical mission. Ideally, these would be easy to assign in an objective manner. However, I 100% echo your point on policing these algorithms and always having a human in the loop to avoid biases and potential pitfalls.

On April 19, 2022, Mary Helen deGolian commented on Is Amazon Planning on Using NLP to Control Employee Interaction? :

Hi Nico! This is a really interesting discussion – I agree with you that I’m skeptical. I love the concept of “shoutouts,” but I’m more inclined to believe that this type of encouragement is more impactful when done in person. This leads me to question – is opening this can of worms worth it to begin with? Further, within an organization’s culture, the ability to dissent is very important, so I worry the message that Amazon is sending if they restrict the types of comments people can leave.

On April 19, 2022, Mary Helen deGolian commented on The Gamification of Wellness at Work :

Hi Liz! This is a really interesting article – it makes me think of a time when my office (at the start of COVID) did a workout challenge where every minute of working out that was logged in Strava would correspond with a certain amount of money donated to COVID relief charities. I quite enjoyed it, and it did signal a commitment both to our community, but also to wellness amidst a challenging time of remote work and heavy workloads. However, it did make me nervous about the kind of data that was being shared with my office – i.e., my running route, where I was located, and how far I ran (though it did push me to run farther!)