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This is a great point to highlight! I also wonder how this would increase or decrease the visibility of soft skills especially since it’s much easier to measure variables that are easy to access and easy to interpret – soft communication skills (especially in group settings would be challenging)

On April 20, 2022, Vivien Cheng commented on The Merger of Burning Glass and Emsi: A Monopoly on People Data? :

This is great to keep our eyes on – I definitely agree, it seems like the running theme throughout people analytics is this balance between efficiency and loss of detail. In class, we talk about this in relation to data analysis in individual cases but it feels incredibly relevant when we zoom out and look at differences at the platform level. I’m really interested in seeing how this could depend on whether some managers feel overwhelmed or comfortable with diversity in analytic approaches.

This is something I hadn’t thought about but extremely important – I can imagine that the content of what future people analytics teams study may evolve as the objectives of companies shift slightly to emphasize different values reflecting newer waves of employees; the Unilever’s U-Work case is great – I wonder how the wave of different people analytics platforms with pre-set capabilities would increase or decrease a company’s flexibility to implement this type of program.