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On April 19, 2022, E.B. Armstrong commented on Build a stronger workforce in their first 90 days at work :

Thanks for sharing, David! It is amazing how many companies view an onboarding program a “checking the box,” but you are right that it can greatly improve retention. In fact, there is an alum from HBS working on creating robust onboarding simulations for workers in hybrid workplaces.

I do wonder how they came up with the importance “90 days” though. I personally think that one’s first few weeks at a company are especially critical in setting the tone for their entire career at a company. By day 50+, it is very hard to reverse course.

Lastly, I also think equally important is training for existing employees to understand unique challenges faced by women and minorities.

Thanks for this, Michael! Really interesting to get the European context and highly relevant to the discussion on privacy in the video on Humu for class. What concerns me most is that, with the advancements in AI, particularly on untrained datasets, we do not have a firm grasp on all the use cases for the amount of data we now have on people. For this reason, by imposing very strict legislation like GDPR, we may be protecting employees, but we also may be overlooking huge opportunities to advance employees and make them more effective in their roles.

On April 19, 2022, E.B. Armstrong commented on From Blue Collar to New Collar :

Thank you so much for sharing this, Grace! A part of me wonders how much of the rise of “new collar” workers is permanent versus a temporary band aid during a time of severe labor shortages. Time will tell if companies should ramp up skills-based hiring practices and internal training. I do think we are learning more and more that the traditional educational programs do not necessarily breed the top tech skills that would make one successful, but I could also see educational programs revising themselves to stay relevant. What surprised me is how much “new collar” workers skew male. I wonder if we need to be taking an even more critical eye for why women are not pursuing these new opportunities.

On April 18, 2022, E.B. Armstrong commented on The Merger of Burning Glass and Emsi: A Monopoly on People Data? :

I would love to hear from others the commercial uses they say with this data!