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On April 14, 2021, Christina Byrd commented on Should your employer care how much sleep you’re getting? :

I completely agree with the privacy concerns, but I am intrigued about the idea of distributing bonuses to employees based on behaviors outside of work that benefits employers. I think this an example of that idea “gone too far,” but I do think benefits based on regular exercise or hours spent away from a laptop could be a less invasive way of rewarding behavior that is ultimately good for the employer.

On April 14, 2021, Christina Byrd commented on Nestlé: People Analytics and Gender Equity :

Great article! I think (to the points above) this is an issue very hard to prove graphically as it involves nuance and isn’t necessarily apples to apples. Alfred brining up Megan Rapinoe is super appropriate to prove that measuring men versus women cannot be considered in a vacuum (ie men’s soccer team revenue versus women’s soccer team revenue) because the initial investment in the men’s soccer team is so much greater. Anyway, love that Nestle is using R in this way, and hopefully over time, the findings will prove more and more useful!

On April 14, 2021, Christina Byrd commented on Debugging the Pulse Check Survey :

We discussed Pulse surveys in Inclusive Leadership, so this was a great read. I think the question around “which team are you more concerned about” is a good one. We discussed looking for the standard deviation within a team versus the average NPS score in terms of which terms should cause the most concern, but overall agree with the premise that pulse surveys should not be thrown out, but re-imagined.