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On April 13, 2020, SN commented on Your Instagram Told Me So… :

Very interesting topic, thank you for sharing it! I agree with your comment about cliche that the depressed person is likely to look for happiness in the social media. Depression can take many forms and differs in severity, that might result in statistically significant difference in behavior on social media platforms. Then, again, abnormality of any behavior on Facebook or Instagram might be caused by some other factors, such as new job, new life situation or just being bored at home on quarantine.

On April 13, 2020, SN commented on Moneyball and Soccer :

Very interesting topic! I wonder also how data analytics are used in betting scores as well, do people bet on the outcome of the game while analyzing past performances? Basketball for instance, particularly March Madness, has been a hot topic in data analytics world for quite some time. On the other side, football is believed to be a game of passion and ambition, and the idea of applying the same framework to the sacred game of football sounds unreal to me.

I have made my post about HireVue as well! Last year, for one of the internship opportunities, I experienced HireVue myself. Even though the process is quite user-friendly and you can use multiple opportunities to record the best video and try over and over, I still feel that HireVue lacks human touch and should not take over the recruiting process altogether. In the article I covered there is even stronger argument that HireVue might be biased against disabled people, that is very unfair.