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On April 14, 2021, Shekeyla Caldwell Sandore commented on DE&I Metrics: Are they useful to achieving DE&I Goals? :

Interesting insight on this growing aspect of DE&I efforts, Christina. I would push the envelope one step further to consider how easily gamed the numbers can be. For example, my old firm was forced to disclose minority representation. Instead of being transparent about the terribly awful numbers, they decided to group together all possible minority groups to compare against the white majority. The numbers were skewed due to the multiple office locations in Asia that counted nearly all employees as minority (although they were majority members in their countries). They hid the near zero numbers of African American and Hispanic employees in the U.S. offices.

My point is that we can create a false sense of progress with numbers and I agree that there are measures that can go unaccounted for in the search for quantification.

Great post, Matt. The line that stuck out to me was, ” as long as they use their power for good” in relation to the voice of the people creating recommendations through analytics. In my slightly pessimistic view here, I’m curious about the bounds that an average employee would have once they realize how the system is being used to alter their future work environment. The shorter work meetings recommendation could easily be the precursor to recommending a shorter work day, more vacation, and less pressure in general. Companies will have to ask themselves whether or not the employees best interest is in the best interest of the company.

Thanks for bringing in this topic, Aliya. I think it connects very well to the discussion we had about the video critique platform, Quantified AI. I think it is a great idea to be inclusive of different aspects such as a language’s grammar and a region’s dialect. However, I find the execution of this idea to be overwhelmingly challenging as these minor details can/do change with time. I don’t believe that one company will crack the code on this. Instead, it will be an uncoordinated group effort from a plethora of sources that can make this happen and keep the information updated.