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This is great, Grace. Today we began class with the question “does happiness at work matter” and our class (myself included) spent 95% of the time considering how employee happiness affect firm performance. But I hope we all agree it matters for employers to be decent and try to build people up, just because they’re people. Hopefully as future managers we can all keep that in mind!

I agree with these comments, it would take a lot of convincing for me to believe Pymetrics can actually evaluate potential and fit based on 20 minutes of games. My blog post on “AI Snake Oil” touches on this: https://d3.harvard.edu/platform-peopleanalytics/submission/ai-in-people-analytics-rhetoric-and-snake-oil/

I agree the intersection between analytics and competitive strategy is fascinating. Your article reminded me of some articles I’ve read about how the A’s Moneyball advantage wore off as everyone quickly figured out what they were doing. It seems the competitive advantage is NOT very sustainable in a repeated game. This goes against a lot of the popular discourse on the “competitive advantage of data”.