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I have no doubt that there are enormous benefits to this technology (fewer accidents, driver wellbeing, etc.); however, I agree with TFD that SmartCap must take on data monitoring themselves. If I were SmartCap management, I’d take this one step further and develop our own set of regulations for how we treat privacy and security. I’m of the mindset that if you don’t regulate yourself, you’ll eventually get regulated. With that in mind, I’d publish these principles to the general public and solicit feedback from various stakeholders, most specifically labor unions that represent truck drivers.

On April 13, 2020, M Williams commented on Moneyball and Soccer :

I really enjoyed reading this blog, Georges! This makes me curious about how football clubs have experimented with analytics. Your blog mentions how analytics should be viewed as a complement to traditional scouting; however, I can’t help but wonder how clubs have executed this. Do the clubs create two parallel paths when developing a team: one that’s analytics based and one that’s scouting based? I’d be curious to see where there are differences and similarities in the list of recruits, as well as how they resolve those differences.

On April 13, 2020, M Williams commented on BetterUp: Finding the best coach for you at the right moment :

This was a great read, Miho!! I also agree with K’s points on understanding baseline satisfaction to see the improvement that BetterUp is providing.

I’m really curious about the focus on aligning algorithm selection towards the culture of the organization over time. I definitely see this as a helpful accelerator to the tool’s effectiveness; however, I wonder if this functionality can scale appropriately? As firms grow larger and larger sub-cultures (that aren’t necessarily bad) are bound to emerge. For example, at a large tech company with over 100k FTEs, the culture differences between senior sales executives and engineering executives will definitely be different. I wonder if BetterUp can (and/or should) control for these cultural differences within an organization? How do they work with their clients to make these decisions?