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On April 16, 2020, DSR Section I commented on People Analytics: A Service vs. Platform-Driven Model :

Hi Jason – super interesting. I love the super detailed walkthrough of how to do this in practice. I think that one additional benefit – or just a reframe of the argument – of the introduction of platform thinking into people analytics is the benefit to not only scale but scope.

To elaborate, people analytics is viewed as a driver of HR’s transformation into a more strategic function. Presumably more and more operating decisions are being invoked by potential insights that can be derived from a people analytics system, well beyond the current scope of HR’s decision-making. Taking a platform approach as described in the blog and by you enables a shared set of technology and data assets to be re-oriented to new problems in the organization and by stakeholders that might not currently be thought of as key “people operations” decisionmakers.

This new thinking about scope — enabled by a platform approach — is difficult in practice but could radically increase the value of people analytics within the enterprise!