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On April 30, 2019, ZT commented on New medical center concept :

My personal input in this situation is that I don’t agree with the expansion of the services to the adults, I believe in the vertical integration in this scenario, it is a success story as a pediatric clinic as I can see here, I would expand the same model in a another areas and region instead of expanding the segment of end users to adults.

In merges and acquisitions this is much common to face, the lead of change in cultural behaviours is always challenging, one hint might be shared here from a similar experience; find out one of the existing leaders in the new organization that you believe he might lead the change and get him trained on your organization culture and values very well, let him lead the change internally, it’s always difficult for employees to listen to new comers.

On April 30, 2019, ZT commented on Public/Private Competition :

thanks for your comment, we are private hospital and police provide the service in-house.

On April 26, 2019, ZT commented on Value based pricing :

Actually the quality comes at a price seems to be a heavy sentence to be heard by the payers, however you might use the sentence “quality comes at a the right price” which might be easier for the airs of the funders. In general never say that your price is high ! it always depends, if you can prof that the overall payments of the funders or insurances are less “as overall” by providing better care then you will have a strong case to convince the payers.

I suggest to get in close touch with the a number of the EVS staff and to draw with them the process of cleaning phase by phase and then in each phase to write precisely in each phase the related activities, later on to discuss with them the activities one by one to see how they can reduce those activities that don’t add value to the process and to delete those ones from the cleaning process, at another end to measure the time required to get each activity in the process done and to see the possibility of reducing the time of each activity. this solution is called the value chain management or the FishBone analysis. the aim is to increase efficiencies without adding more resources.
Another solution is to run an exercise to outsource the EVS and to call for a tender to get a technical and financial proposal from a specialized cleaning companies to take over this job ” if this is still provided in-house “.

On April 26, 2019, ZT commented on Primary care engagement :

I think using video calls meetings in the morning might still be visible so the primary care physicians can still be in touch with other doctors in the hospital on daily basis. also the primary care physicians can still come to the hospital “not all of them everyday” on a prescheduled plan to attend the morning gatherings” few of them very day”.