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On April 26, 2019, Tingama commented on Physician Incentives- How to structure them the right way? :

Yes it is a big problem that all organizations across the country have to deal with. In the future wRVUs cannot be the drivers for incentives. A blended approach has to be taken with relative percentages of incentives for wRVUs, teaching time spent, academic productivity (papers written/grants obtained) and finally for service to the institution (time allocated for committee work for example). Lastly if a physician speaks at a national or international conference, those could be rewarded with a recognition. If compensation and incentives is solely based on RVUs, then I would have no interest teaching or doing any of the other activities. You can get physician buy-in if you use a blended approach.

On April 6, 2019, Tingama commented on PA/NP Engagement :

I think make one of the PA/NP as a team leader (Director of PA/NPs). Once you do that(for a small cost probably), have the leader set up team meetings with other PAs or NPs to come up with solutions for themselves. Once you designate one of them as a leader, their motivation changes and I would suspect, that they would engagement of all. Once they come up with a solution, recognizing and rewarding them might help as well.

My 2 cents.

I agree that micromanaging (where you ended up because of the situation) may not go well. I also agree that leader has to set a path for others to excel. Individual meetings to communicate your vision and direction for the division (or department) and setting mutually beneficial goals might help. I end up doing this in my role of “mentoring” graduate students and Post-Docs not to mention other faculty in my division. One of the mentoring lessons I took taught me this also. I also agree time and patience in addition to talking to people would help. I also believe that a leader has to lead by example though that does not mean that a leader does things that the team has a responsibility of doing. More importantly you recognize the issue and difficulty in your division which is key. I think that is half the battle many times (recognizing from others perspective that a leader may be doing something right or wrong).

Hmmm I like some of the suggestions. But may be I wasnt clear.My point is that administration even in a University setting is pressuring faculty to “make more” (for them I mean). The days of counting your teaching and research time have become a thing of the past. I dont mean to be cynical but seems to me that finance has become the driver even in teaching institutions. Unfortunately finance is measured in RVUs for Physician productivity. With medicare cuts, RVUs will decline and Physicians have to convince administration to measure productivity differently than just looking at RVUs. Physicians understand this precarious situation they are in better than a non-physician administrator I suppose. I am just trying to get ideas on how I could convince the non-physician administrator to value a Physician differently than just in the RVUs they make.