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On May 11, 2018, Paul commented on Increasing Length of Stay :

I thought Brian response was excellent. We also have case management review on Day 1 with the patient or family members a clear expectation on outcomes. We go over with them the discharge setting to make sure everyone knows what is happening after. We want to know if they have a support system in place to help when they are discharged.

On May 10, 2018, Paul commented on Absenteeism :

We have implemented a program to award on a quarterly basis a bonus to employees that have no missed shifts. Each employee who has no missed shifts or tardy to be selected in a random drawing for the award. This has been a big success with the hourly employees. It has really helped in departments such as housekeeping and dietary where you always have a lot of missed shifts to fill.

We have also opened up urgent care clinics in the community. We have also opened up a “fast track” in the ED department to move these non urgent patients into. This is a much more organized and efficient way to deliver patient care. Our turn around and wait times have decreased as a result of this method.

On May 1, 2018, Paul commented on Communicating Test results :

We have started calling patients with results for procedures such as mammograms and other radiology exams. The mammos are called within the same day and many within the first hour after exam is completed. This has been a big customer satisfaction initiative our women’s center has initiated. Satisfaction scores have increased tremendously but the main reason of doing this is quality of care.

On May 1, 2018, Paul commented on Physician :

Physician behavior is a challenge for all of us. We have started a program where the Chief of Staff (no CMO @ my Hospital) and CEO have an informal discussion with the physician after his first occurrence. If behavior issues continue then a letter of correction action is given to the physician and a copy placed in the credential file. If pattern continues the credential committee will use all letters to determine if physician is going to be reappointed to the medical staff.