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On May 12, 2018, Oleg Zinov commented on No Show Rate :

Our no-show rate it 3-5% for all dental offices. We also do not charge patient for no-show. What we do is:
1. Text message 2-days prior the visit
2. Phone call 1-day prior visit
3. Explaining for those ‘no-show’ that health consequencies for other patient and for them too.

On May 12, 2018, Oleg Zinov commented on Compensation Models :

We also to do not incentivize clinicians, however our chief nurse(who is also accountable for procurement), CMO and clinic CEO have their benefits based on productivity too. It is also a dilemma for them – to spend less but provide the same level of treatment, however we manage it in a way – we have a list of must equiptment and materials to work with and they ensure they reduce ‘waste’..

On May 12, 2018, Oleg Zinov commented on conflicts within the team :

I agree with Zing – first thing is to understand the root of the conflits – is it professional or personal. You won’t be able to solve it right away, however putting common goal and going thru some social events as well – will help to eliminate the issue or at least you’ll be able to go futher with the project. I’d also recommend you to ensure coaching 1-1 sessions between you and each of the guys. Try also to find someone in your organization who they both respect and involve this person in the discussion.

On May 12, 2018, Oleg Zinov commented on Hiring for skills or organizational fit? :

I also think you need to keep her till the end of the project. Also I think that this multiple reporting lines make her confused and as result it may cause her inappropriate behavior. If possible change her reporting line to key stakeholder or those several guys have to agree what she needs to do and who guide her. Otherwise this multiplematrix reporting won’t allow you to launch the project.

First thing is to speak with person and make sure you both understand the situation in the same way. Secondly, after finding common understanding – ask employee what he/she thinks on what needs to be done to change the situation. And then meet each week to see on progress. In my experience – many of the underperforming people do not understand they underperform.