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The need to identify the organizational goal or objective is the most important issue. Perhaps the best way to do it is to assure the effectiveness of a well done patient education plan to the community the institution serves. A plan that contemplates: in house conferences, one to one follow up at home, home visits, focus groups, community health conferences. Concepts and themes of education depending of the most common diseases or those with high volume. Out patient educational unit or center, well established cooperative programs with the public health system, cooperation with tv network, web site, chat on line programs, among others.

On May 10, 2018, Maurisec commented on conflicts within the team :

I do believe that personal matters should be treated separately far from creating yourself a problem it has a great impacto on the institutional goals . If the problem affects negatively on the accomplishments of the institutional goals one of them has to let go, aside from your personal affections, the leader that is needed the most and has a added value to the organization must stay.

On May 10, 2018, Maurisec commented on Physician :

One last thing we have learned the hard way. How to manage labor relations with the millenials or young physicians taking into considerations the generational gap present. The resentment to authority, the need for frequent recognition and motivational feedback, the need for inmediate sucess and higher positions within the organization etc. It took us time to understand what motivates groups to education, better performance and positive behaviors.

On May 10, 2018, Maurisec commented on Physician :

In our experience, the best way to manage this issue is the role model from the top leaders of the institution. If you do want to be respected, respect everyone, if you want to be listened , you must listen first and so on with the soft competences. Of course in a small hospital and with fewer medical schools it is much easier to get involved in the process of physician – education and be able to share the experiences with real patients, real colleagues and develop sensitiviy for the patient´s needs and expectation besides the technical practices.
A very thorough induction program in which patient focus groups are invited to share experiences and expected behaviors from the health care team are important, not only to physicians but to the entire multidisciplinary team.

On May 10, 2018, Maurisec commented on Co Management Agreements :

I would like to share with you our experience in one of the areas of diagnostic that I believe its working effectively. The physicians of this particular area are beginning to participate of the net profit of each procedure they make, the net profit its already calculated as a standard for future payments. These amounts are paid to the physicians in a monthly basis. For instance: if the charge for the procedure is $1000 , the direct costs are $600, the physician receives $200 dollars and the hospital retains the other $200. This methodology has provoked that the group of physicians are permanently looking for more efficient ways to perform the same procedures and obtaining better use of supply and resources to optimize their benefits and consequently the hospital´s. We have done implementing the concept of win-win.

On May 10, 2018, Maurisec commented on Institution & Physicians Communication :

It is important to take in account that the overuse of email are not the best way to communicate with physicians, in our days we get tons of e mails and perhaps they loose the importance that some may have. I suggest that with physicians the best way to communicate is to establish a calendar for periodic meetings with themes of their interest such as: benefit updates, clinical outcomes based on their own practice, feedback on research results and take the advantage of their presence to discuss management aspects , new programs, incentive programs, strategic planning. During the first stage it is ideal to invite if possible formally and on one to one basis to social events , in my experience , one way to assure their assistance to the first contacts is to to invite to celebrate their birthday in a monthly basis and a well known and classy restaurant . Once their attention is caught, the information is shared and the communication goals are achieved.