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This high number of non-emergent patients will not subside if politics are not involved.
In the Netherlands you pay for an emergency visit, but not if you go to the gp first and he/she refers you.

This way patients can choose between free of charge or charge service!
The GP’s however have to invest in same day visit options for patients.

It seems like a difficult position you are in as CEO.

Additional to the other comments I would rediscuss the goals for the next period; with the 4 changes shortly after the merger is must be accepted that focus to the inside should be priority. However, this should be timed with some inspiring projects to give your staff confidence and company feeling. This inside lok should also be short and intensive, less then a year with a smaller follow-up every year. That way you can start prioritising the business after this period.

On April 29, 2018, ELSNvD commented on Opioid Addiction Crisis :

I think you should read this weeks New England Journal Of Medicine and look North to the Canadian reponse to opioid-addiction

The costs of dispensing errors should be valued against a (pharmacy) nurse working through the diagnoses and medication of patients. Educating patients will decrease your dispensing errors.

We now have a system of educating patients and their caregivers concerning their medications during their hospital stay. This also deminishes the number of medication errors.

On April 29, 2018, ELSNvD commented on Non Operating Room Procedural Efficiency :

We have a team of anesthesist assistants who work in the OR and at regular times outside the OR. One of the anesthtist is Always available for supervision. The planning of the schedule for in/and ou of OR procedures is the same schedule.
Patients are also seen at th epre/assessment outpatient clinic, the same way they are seen before in/OR treatments.
Quality of care is assessed the same way as in the or.

On April 29, 2018, ELSNvD commented on How to reduce no shows :

Information leaflets with total number of treatments.
Explaining the costs of no shows
explaining the effect on the treatment of no shows