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On May 4, 2017, Eddie commented on Parking and the impact on Growth :

I have dealt with a similar dilemma. One option is to rent parking spaces off site for employees and to shuttle them in. This creates some significant operating expenses, but it may also help get the attention of the board. Off site lots can also be much more cost effective if you can keep the scale small than building a parking ramp in the short run. My site leases 100 parking spaces 1.5 miles away for about $25k per year. We also offer a free shuttle every 8 minutes on a loop from the hospital to the lot and back during prime time hours at a cost of around $130k per year.

Erik, thank you for the response. I have some responses to your questions:
– There is a local neighborhood block club and we do utilize them to develop support for initiatives with limited success. I will explore the driveway rental idea at the next meeting.
– Uber is not currently available in this city. It is also illegal for us to pay for patients to come to the hospital. We can pay their way home though.
– We could offer some incentives for carpooling.
– There is a physician lot and we have explored this, but that is not an option right now.