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Urgent care clinics nearby and a triage system to internist appointments during the day are helpful.

Agree- setting clear expectations for all on behavior, communications and productivity are critical. A 360 type evaluation that allows peers, supervisors and reports to comment on the individual can be a great impetus for discussion with the individual.

This is an innovative structure! Thank you for posting- I’ve learned more from the post than I will be able to contribute! Thank you all!

Agree with these comments. In addition, provide a clear plan with realistic expectations to the Board you report to! The timeline and approach may be very different from their expectations.

Agree with the concept of the First 90 days — go in and listen to the frontline, resist making big bold decisions prior to understanding the culture.

I would recommend planning a retreat with the frontline staff to hear what the major issues are related to burnout and low productivity. It would be a great opportunity to co-create a new mission/vision and values for your organization. Frontline engagement in planning will allow for a better understanding and engagement in the overall mission and provide them with a ‘guiding light’ in terms of employee purpose. I agree with other posts on also defining clear metrics so they have a target/ end in sight and enable them / the company to honor successes.