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On May 11, 2018, be.health21 commented on conflicts within the team :

This is a very tough situation, because it involves private life, personal feelings and professional performance. I would have separate discussions with both to find out about the nature of the issue and whether it can be overcome.

If one of both is willing and the other unwilling to set aside personal issues for the sake of the situation, this is the person to keep on board. A culture-competent mediator could be hired if both agree to resolve their issue and if you cannot be the mediator yourself.

Finally, if both are unwilling to improve the situation, you might consider to restructure your leadership team.

On May 11, 2018, be.health21 commented on Engaging Physicians in Dashboards development. :

Dashboards are very useful, also for doctors.
The most important point is to consult the MDs, which data are of relevance for them for handling a patient, a unit or department.
Successful examples how dashboards have been useful in the past will be of great help to get physician buy-in. Moreover, the dashboard should not be perceived as a measure to simply control personnel activity and productivity.

On May 11, 2018, Jan Gutermuth commented on Hiring for skills or organizational fit? :

A tough problem. In principle I believe culture and behaviour are more important than technical knowledge, which usually can be learning more easy. In this specific situation, you cannot replace this person and you have to life with her limitations.

As others propose, I would try to improve her leadership skills using a coach (if the person is open for this) because there is no time for a formal course.

In case the person does not improve, yo can already start building up an successor who has the necessary human skills and who can replace her after the project is completed.

A great task, highly challenging opportunity.

I see main areas of work:
1. regaining committment from 3 fused organisations:
– Get to know and gain trust from all relevant leaders, make site visits to gain trust of ALL employees
– Listen to individual challenges, fears in small gatherings
– Engage leaders in defining a new mission, vision and set up the development of a new strategic plan.
2. Given the challenges integrating 3 organisations, too aggressive business goals should be avoided. Can you formulate realistic targets for the board to avoid fear and burnout by coworkers?

Urgent care posts in the periphery, staffed with experienced nurses and GPs might work as filter. These outposts should have a fast track for referring patients who require urgent care at the ER or specialist care in a secondary/ tertiary setting.