Legen…wait for it…dary…

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With the rise of online, digital and social media marketing, it is incredibly and increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and reach one’s target consumer. This is even more pronounced in the entertainment space, where the overall number of […]

Counsyl: Genetic Testing Meets Amazon

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“DNA screening for the important moments in life”, says Counsyl’s website, with family vignettes playing on loop on the site’s background. Counsyl sells a genetic test, such that via a blood or saliva sample, couples seeking to have children can […]

Expedia’s use of big data, from efficient collection to wise exploitation for better customer satisfaction

Expedia’s recent acquisition of Orbitz announces the creation of a giant in the field of online travel and hotel purchases. However, taking a closer look shows that before becoming a revenue giant, the new company is first and foremost a data giant, not only in the collection, but also in the processing, leading to an ever faster and more accurate service to the customer.