Athenahealth Marketplace – crowdsourcing in health care

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In 2013, Athenahealth launched the “More Disruption Please” (MDP) program, a platform that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians and industry experts to discover new ways to improve healthcare. The MDP Accelerator invests in startups through the MDP program and provides the resources and customer access to help these start-ups scale up and succeed. These start-ups partners with Athenahealth to provide solutions through the Athenahealth Marketplace. Currently the Athenahealth partners provide healthcare solutions in seven major areas, including acquisition and engagement, administrative, billing, care management, efficiency tools, medical records, and provider tools.

Chunyu Doctor, the largest telemedicine platform in China

Chunyu Doctor (春雨医生) is an online telemedicine platform in China. Among the telemedicine companies in China, it has the largest Internet penetration rate, and it has accumulated more than $100 million in capital. In September 2016, Cycares, the international branch of Chunyu Doctor, completed its series C venture capital fund raising round, raising $50 million, the largest round of venture funding ever achieved in the Chinese telemedicine industry.