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On March 6, 2019, Walter H. Haydock commented on Disrupting Donald Draper: Programmatic Ad-buying’s Effect on the Advertising Industry :

I have suspected that traditional advertising would be on the decline in the face of the data-driven programmatic model, but your post puts it into perspective very clearly. One aspect that I did not consider previously, however, was the impact that this trend would have on owners of broadcast media, although it makes perfect sense that targeted, personalized channels like Netflix and others will come to dominate.

On March 6, 2019, Walter H. Haydock commented on Tonal: Your Entire Gym On The Wall :

Thanks for writing! Since Tonal appears to have a narrow target demographic – fit, young, city-dwellers – I imagine many of them are renters rather than homeowners. Because of the design of the product, it probably requires the user to affix it to a wall (often not possible in a rental apartment) and is also likely quite heavy. How do you anticipate that geographically mobile potential customers will reconcile these issues?

On March 6, 2019, Walter H. Haydock commented on Smartwatch: The Product We Thought That Was Doomed to Fail :

Very interesting post! I did not know before reading it that Swiss watch sales were in decline, and that some consumers might be viewing smart watches as a replacement for them. Going forward, I would be interested to know your thoughts on the impact that the “disconnect” movement will have on the financial viability of wearable electronics. As you mentioned, the ability of such devices to further “addict” their users to their connected smartphones is a salient – and not always desirable – feature.

On February 22, 2019, Walter H. Haydock commented on Android, Not Just an Operating System :

I was very interested in your post, and especially like your comparison of the Android stack to a supply chain and Google to a key systems integrator. Since it has such a massive market share, do you anticipate any potential anti-trust attention from government regulators? I feel like this could be a major problem for Google as it continues growing this product lineup.

On February 22, 2019, Walter H. Haydock commented on Plaid :

Thanks for writing this! I would be very interested to learn how Plaid solved the “chicken-and-egg problem” in this space. Furthermore, would you be able to expand on what multi-homing might look like in the FinTech API space? It seems theoretically possible, but I imagine the banks might be hesitant to have multiple, shifting pathways through which money could flow to and from their customers, due to their historically conservative strategies.

On February 22, 2019, Walter H. Haydock commented on Collaboration not Competition: Shopify’s eCommerce Platform :

Great post! I think that your analysis of the third-party integrations, and the benefits that they bring to the platforms, is central to your thesis. Identifying how Shopify can continue partnering with other companies to expand its value creation potential would assist in mapping its growth trajectory.