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On December 6, 2023, Ankit Tandon commented on Flight of the Future: Exploring DJI’s AI-Driven Drone Evolution :

This is an excellent post and I believe that drones are one of the best examples of robotics making their way into our daily lives. As the level of autonomy in drones increases, I’m curious what kinds of use cases will emerge. For consumer-facing applications, apart from photography, I was wondering what use cases emerge to see drones incorporated into daily lives. Perhaps delivery and package transportation may be another one.

On December 6, 2023, Ankit Tandon commented on Blizzard: AI and Games :

This is a great post Sam, thanks for the detail. I would be curious to understand the implications of Generative AI in gaming as it relates to deepfakes. How real can the AI-generated NPCs get so that they are indistinguishable from humans in the game? This is the ultimate form of the Turing Test.

Another question is how much this impacts the jobs that game designers do to create the characters in the game? Will this cause job displacement or just up-level the jobs that creatives do at these gaming studios?

On October 17, 2023, Ankit Tandon commented on Behind the Controller: How PlayStation Mastered Data Analytics :

Fascinating post Wabantu – thanks for sharing! I’ve always been fascinated with how gaming platform/console companies compete with each other to gain market share (Nintendo vs. Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Mobile, Desktop, etc.). Do you have a perspective on how Sony might collect and act upon their data assets, putting them in a unique position to win market share vs. their competitors? Perhaps the fact that they have massive scale and operate game studios might provide that unique data advantage.

On October 17, 2023, Ankit Tandon commented on Carnival Corporation: MagicBand 2.0? :

Thanks so much for an informative post, Sreeni. I appreciate you laying out the context Carnival was operating in and why it makes sense for them to streamline operations through digital sensors and technologies (reminds me a lot of the Dominoes and Amgen cases we studied in class).
I’m curious how Carnival is dealing with the 3 challenges you mentioned: privacy, data storage, and inconsistencies. Specifically on inconsistencies, why do you think the data quality differs drastically across ships and do you think that is detrimental to the kinds of ML models they are trying to develop using this data?

On October 17, 2023, Ankit Tandon commented on Warner Bros. Discovery: Enhancing Viewer Experience on MAX :

Really great post, Asra, thank you for sharing. I appreciate all the references and research you’ve put into this. I’ll be excited to see how this industry plays out and how Max can build its data advantage.
You mentioned the delicate tradeoff between data-driven decisions with strategic decisions that improve user-friendliness but might be untested in the data. What role does intuition and judgement play in decisions?

I’m curious about how WBD plans to address the evolving nature of user behavior. Given the unpredictability of consumer preferences, continuous feedback loops seem essential. Additionally, understanding how WBD intends to respond to user feedback and adapt its content strategy accordingly could be pivotal in maintaining Max’s competitive edge.