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On December 4, 2023, cs24 commented on Is Savage X Fenty the next Victoria Secret? :

Mellissa – this is a super interesting post! Thank you for sharing. I definitely think the idea of finding the perfect fit with AI is a great way to expand the use and the importance of the e-commerce / DTC channel, as opposed to brick-and-mortar locations for try-ons. There are definitely brands I’ve always been frustrated with due to their inconsistency in sizing and guessing I have to do when ordering online. I’m curious though, has there been any data of customer complaints / issues even with the perfect match offering?

Thanks for sharing, Ben! This is an interesting post. I’m curious – especially if the product is meant to replace 70% of the work a designer may do today, do you think customers may demand lower rates moving forward, knowing that most of the work could be through the use of Relume? While I’m not a designer, if 30% of the work remaining is on items like font selection and colors, I’m curious about how to ensure the designer is still empowered.

This is a great post, Aliza!! Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely interested in understanding what it will look like from the regulatory side in terms of doctor-patient confidentiality. Another thing I’m curious about – do you expect a product like Woebot to replace or be better than tools like 7 cups (free online therapy – but not necessarily with a licensed therapist, but an everyday human / peer)?

Thanks for sharing, Carmen! I’m curious about the perception of Turo as a brand among their supplier base (those who are renting out their cars) today. While it could be an attractive way to make side money, I have heard stories of people’s cars being more mistreated or even stolen in some cases. How has Turo changed and adapted the way they protect their supplier base over time?

Great post! I’m curious about the business model sustainability as AptDeco considers expanding to other locations. New York has the advantage of being rather condensed as a city, so I can imagine “speedy” delivery being easier to achieve as a part of their value proposition. However, if they expand to cities that have a greater radius distance-wise, could they still achieve their targets without impacting customer service? Especially with the push towards using 3rd party delivery systems, I wonder if the strategy team should be concerned.

On November 7, 2023, cs24 commented on Trading for the People: Robinhood’s Market Revolution :

Great post, Wabantu. As a user of a traditional brokerage, it’s interesting to read about how Robinhood appeals to those seeking simplicity with reduced fees. With the meme stock situations previously, do you think Robinhood at this time has fully recovered from a brand credibility and trust perspective, especially among its original target user base, given their prior trading suspensions?

On October 17, 2023, cs24 commented on Driven by Data: HUK-Coburg’s Road to Insurance Success :

This is definitely an interesting read on how a company can utilize data to change the insurance premium space. I heard about Progressive in the US doing a driving-usage based car insurance plan, and I would be curious if there are any opportunities for cross-collaboration between the companies, or at least sharing of best practices. Especially since HUK-Coburg is one of the few that does this in Germany, this would be a great way to mitigate some of the potential risks you identified that are associated with tracking driving behavior. Thanks for sharing!

On October 17, 2023, cs24 commented on Disney’s Magical Big Data Transformation :

Great read, Eleanor! As someone who hasn’t been to a Disney park since being a kid, I’m definitely eager to try out the MagicBands experience. All I remember from my childhood memories are the long lines and being grumpy that it took forever to finally get on a ride – I’m excited to see the crowding control and operations efficiency make a difference in real time! One open question in my mind is why Disney doesn’t lump the price of the band with the admission prices – by requiring a separate purchase, I’m curious how they’ve impacted their perception as a company from the customer’s POV. Having it mandatory would also enable better data capture to predict operations optimization.

Hi Ben – this was a great read! It was good to get some exposure to how weather forecast companies try to meet customers’ needs. In general I view weather companies as offering a commodity product, so it’s interesting to see how the company has tried to differentiate – I would also be curious to know if they have any partnerships to provide their service for the non-consumer sectors you referenced. One open question to help me better understand its move away from commoditization is: do you think their investments in data analytics and the “realfeel” feature is something that is just simply required for them to keep up with competition (has competition also made the same level of data bets as Accuweather)?