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On December 1, 2022, Aditya Mate commented on Leveraging AI & Machine Learning at Southwest :

Very interesting read! Thanks for writing up the post! I was also always curious to know more about the various AI components being used in the airline industry. This post was very useful in understanding that — I assume most of these features also extend to other players (eg. chatbots or dynamic pricing etc. seem to be items other airlines must also employ). I’m curious with the chatbot technology, does it make sense for airlines to team up with other non-competitors such as maybe DoorDash or Uber or AT&T or anyone else who also implements chatbot technology because collectively, they will be able to pool their training data and only make their systems better? I also wonder whether such companies are customers of Google or similar players which are so powerful in terms of their chatbot, speech recognition or text generation technologies.

On December 1, 2022, Aditya Mate commented on ELSA boosts your confidence in speaking English :

Thank you for this post! This is a brilliant idea and I can see its value to a large section of immigrants or even international students like myself. I wonder whether the core idea can be extended to other countries/languages easily — for example an immigrant in Japan trying to learn Japanese? If so I’m curious if that is a viable expansion strategy for this business?

Super interesting application of face recognition and a wonderful read, Saad! Thanks for writing about this! She had a great idea, it was actually impacting human lives yet it seems she had difficulty getting securing funding or convincing VCs of the value. For such similar AI for good applications and technologies in general, where it is difficult to show immediate monetary value, but clearly has tremendous value added to lives of underprivileged/underserved, I’m wondering what the solution could be to circumvent such funding challenges?

On November 3, 2022, Aditya Mate commented on Square and the Future of Digital Payments :

Thanks for writing this post Kate! It was a pleasure to read and I particularly liked how you explain why it makes more sense to let sellers take the burden of cost, rather than the buyers. However, one item I’ve always been curious about is, how square differentiates itself from other services such as credit card or apple pay for instance? Is there something unique offered by square that apple pay doesn’t do?

On November 3, 2022, Aditya Mate commented on Goodreads: A Platform for Readers and Authors :

Thank you Michelle for this post!! I’ve always wanted to organize and manage the books I read / aim to read as well, but have always failed to see the value brought to the table by Goodreads. For starters, I thought there was significant trouble getting started — if I was a new reader or new to Goodreads, I wasn’t sure how to let Goodreads know what books to recommend etc. (or maybe there is a way, I couldnt figure it out). Second, I wouldn’t want to pay for such an app when I could just put a little extra effort and keep track of my books myself.

However, having said that I feel such an app could also be made potentially very useful and user friendly unlocking huge value. That makes me wonder why there aren’t more Goodreads-equivalents in the field?

On November 3, 2022, Aditya Mate commented on Hinge: Limit direct network effects to ensure dating quality :

Thanks Kate for this wonderful post! I like how you described Hinge is “designed to be deleted”. However, apart from this, I’m curious how else does Hinge position itself as an app for serious dating (vs Tinder for example, which is perceived to be a fast app for casual hookups). If none of this is explicitly claimed by either Hinge or Tinder (I assume; I may be wrong), how/ why do they preclude themselves from the opposite categories of customers?

Thanks for this lovely post Anand! It was a joy to read and it was particularly fascinating to learn about application of AI in such a niche, but socially-impactful domain!

Apart from the obvious value created to the farming sector by use of ML, I wonder whether Bayer also gains by use of data to train models, uncover insights that it can apply to completely different application domains.

— Aditya Mate

On October 6, 2022, Aditya Mate commented on Visa and Big Data :

Thanks for this post Julien! I’ve always wanted to know more about exactly how banks employ AI/ML in such applications — I only had a vague picture in mind earlier.

It seems very impressive that banks are able to save a whopping $25billion in fraudulent charges using AI and that it is able to predict correctly with such high accuracy. While 95% accuracy in itself is impressive, squeezing out the last drop from 95% to 96% or 97% must even add tremendous value to banks at this scale.

I also wonder whether such algorithms are already employed for auditing. For example, do banks employ AI/ML to predict which accounts/ which entries are likely to be fudged up/ which accounts should be examined to increase likelihood of catching errors (to improve upon random checking).

— Aditya Mate

On October 6, 2022, Aditya Mate commented on Mercedes Benz: A Race of Data and Machine Learning :

Hi Kate,

Thank you for writing this post on Mercedes-Benz! It was fascinating to read — especially for the ardent automobile fan in me!

I agree how tomorrow’s vehicles will be increasingly competing over use of data and traditional vehicles must make these data-driven features central to their design to compete with Teslas of tomorrow.

One thought I had about the volocopter concept floated towards the end, is whether it may be possible borrow knowledge and insights from tons of data available from car dynamics and car users to give volocopters a warm start or do you think it is a whole new ballgame?

— Aditya Mate