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Thank you for this post.
A clear winner of this transformation is the environment, as less paper is used on a daily basis. The paper-markers (also recycled) are losers.
Although I clearly see clear gains in this transformation, I wonder if and what are the physical implications (eye-sight for example) that we as a society need to address due to our growing addiction to screens – and what kind of technologies (E-ink for example) will develop in order to overcome them.

Very interesting and actually surprising.
I thought that the smartwatch market was long doomed, but this article clearly shows that, although it took a while, wearable tech is definitely taking off. I assume that the reason adaption rate has been low is because the value added is not significant compared to a smartphones we all use anyway (that is checking time in dark, activity tracking, making phone calls). I feel that in order for the market to boom smartwatch manufactures will need a- more complicated/compelling features that differentiate smartwatches from smartphones, and b- increase battery life/waterproof so it would be easy to use as a necessity.

On March 3, 2019, NR commented on Ebay Held at Bay :

Very interesting.I agree with you.
I wonder if there’s anything that eBay can still do to ‘up their game’ in order to re-gain costumers.
For instance, to better compete with Amazon, Alibaba recently acquired an E-commerce specific search-engine company.
I think eBay should make bold moves as well. and sooner is better than later.

very interesting!
I think Kaggle’s is a fascinating company. I wonder if you think that being acquired by Google was a smart move. As Kaggle has already made a name for themselves, do you think it may have been wiser to remain a separate entity with decision rights and potentially a bigger valuation by only partnering with Google?

On February 22, 2019, NR commented on Cornershop: Disruptive Chilean E-Commerce Grocery :

Thank you for this article, it was very interesting and always great to read about new technologies around the world.
Being international myself and seeing this happen, I wonder how Cornershop is positioning itself and prepares to react and sustain its market dominance when and if a strong competitor with potentially better supply chain management and scale, such as Amazon, will enter that market as a strong competitor.

On February 22, 2019, NR commented on Do you TikTok? The world does!! :

This was very interesting and fun to read.
Although TikTok does seem to have key features and a large user base to keep the costumer engaged – I wonder if, like Vine that ceased to exist after 4 years, there is a hype around the product that will eventually die down. It will be interesting to see how TikTok will not only sustain but also differentiate and build on their product to continue growth for more years to come.