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Very interesting, Austin! The menu in McD s are very different across the countries. For example, in Indonesia, McD is known for its crispy fried chicken and not its Big Mac. I am thinking about how this data can also inform McD creates different strategies for placing new franchises, selecting menu placement across geographic in the wide United States to maximize its profitability. What would you think about that?

On April 8, 2018, Nandx commented on Using data analytics to optimize employee engagement :

Great post, Lama! I am wondering how this platform confirm the identity of this person whether or not this person currently works for that company and how they will protect their anonymity. Also, seeing a very very great impact on just increasing 1% engagement, would you explain what they define and compose that one variable?

On April 8, 2018, Nandx commented on The Most Data Driven Salad You Will Ever Eat :

Hi Eliza, such an interesting post! I wonder how would you think this model can be applied to other industry and how will Sweetgreen adapt to a changing consumer taste, behavior, and purchasing trends.

Very interesting! However, I am curious how much is the production cost to change flavor X to flavor Y in a short time. They need to change the package, the seasoning, etc including their manufacturing process and quality control at the first step before advertising it. Do you think the increase in sales will cover that cost?

Hi Liza! Thanks for your great post. I am wondering your opinion about how the ad will threaten the neutrality of the answer? Do you think in someday Quora will use the data to target marketing, upvote an endorsed answer, etc? I remember when I access Wikipedia and they give us a link for donation, it was the way they keep their independence through a small frequent donation rather than depend on ads, institution, government, or big philanthropy.

On March 24, 2018, Nandx commented on Show me the Waze to go home :

Hi Hans, thanks for your wonderful post! It’s interesting that in Waze, the police is considered a road hazard. Do you think in the future it will be a problem for Waze themselves? And how do you think they can survive while Google maps also leverage the same exact idea?