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Great post! I think the fact that 56% of Blue Apron’s customers make over $100,000 is telling. These are professionals who want to cook, but don’t have time to pick out a recipe, go shopping, and do all the minor prep work involved in cooking. In my opinion, if they want to beat their competitors, they should stick to time saving value creation and figure out how to get their meal prep and cleanup times down.

Great post! There’s a recent Planet Money podcast that I’d recommend where they profile the effects of Airbnb in New Orleans, and it provides some more examples of winners and losers in that case. The city was super lax at first with Airbnb regulation, which allowed many struggling entrepreneurs to make good living wages in the city and helped them fix up old, decrepit homes. On the other hand, some people complained that it was ruining the culture of the city because entire blocks of homes became rental properties and lifelong residents moved out while destructive bachelor parties moved in. The city then reactively passed super strict regulation and now they’re in an awkward situation where those entrepreneurs lost their source of income, and entire blocks of homes are sitting empty.

Great write up. Considering how efficient programmatic advertising is, I was surprised to see that it accounts for only 45% of online advertising right now. I’m curious to see where that number will top out at. Another random thought: with so many more advertising opportunities in the internet and smartphone age, I wonder if another offset to the loss of advertising jobs is the amount of people needed to create that content.

On February 24, 2019, MS commented on theSkimm: making it easier to live smarter :

Great post! I agree with kmh19 – it seems like advertising and targeting are contrary to the reasons why many original theSkimm users signed up. I wonder if the theSkimm can monetize better through events. Big events in large cities can likely be profitable, and as the user base grows they can probably add local events.

On February 24, 2019, MS commented on EdX: The Path to Learn for Career :

Great post! I see employee training as a the biggest value creation of this. The corporate training industry is $94 billion and growing, and firms are outsourcing that training more often [1].


Great write up! I’ve heard that Meg Whitman has compared Quibi content to a Dan Brown book, where each chapter takes a few minutes to read, but if you have time you can get lost reading several in one sitting. I think it’s an interesting concept, but I’m skeptical that that it will gain a large of share of viewer phone usage without something revolutionary. Hopefully their new short form video player can make the user experience much better than anything else out there.