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On November 20, 2016, MAW commented on Elementum Of No Surprise :

Thank you for the article. My primary curiosity/concern is how Elemntrum tracks the data to perform its supply chain management analysis functions. It appears as though clients would have to have their supply chain companies contribute to the data-sharing process to allow Elementrum to function properly. This raises additional questions regarding the cost and capital to participate in Elementrum’s offerings. Is such a service only valuable for major corporations? Is that market share limiting?

On November 20, 2016, MAW commented on Palantir – Solving the “Biggest” of big data problems :

Thank you for the article. I was unaware of Palentir before reading this piece. Another potential threat to the company is firms who do their own data analysis and interpretation. As use of the Internet and data analysis tools become cheaper and more widespread, companies will be able to internally reproduce what companies like Palentir currently offer. What do you think is Palentir’s competitive advantage to hedge against this scenario?

On November 20, 2016, MAW commented on Is There a Correlation Between Data Analysis and Hubris? :

Thank you for the article. Based on your analysis, do you suggest that a mathematical algorithm cannot be derived from historical data to predict smart investment in films? It appears that irrational and human-specific input lead to certain investments as well as box-office success. I am also curious how digitization disrupts the film industry by inticing consumers to not go to the movies. How do companies like Netflix further steal market share from the industry?

On November 20, 2016, MAW commented on Zopaf: Stop Leaving Money on the Negotiating Table :

Thanks you for the insightful article. I did not realize that such a service existed to help individuals better craft negotiation strategies. While Jnternet technology is a clear key component of this business, I am unconvinced that it provides a competitive advantage. Particularly, I am inclined to believe that potential consumers could find relevant information online for free. I am interested in how the company chooses to differentiate itself to procure a sustainable revenue stream.

Thank you for the article. I am curious if Alibaba’s financing model through digitization is sustainable. The company appears to be well-financed but will rely on its public leverage for further expensive and growth. Does making its stick purchase more affordable to retail consumers actually benefit the company? My concern is that it could result in “cheap” equity with more shareholders who wish to see short-term results over long-terms gains, which goes against the Alibaba model.