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Thanks for an insightful analysis of two platforms almost everyone has used! There’s something about how Instagram organizes its interface and something about its actual functions make it much stickier and appealing than Snapchat.

On March 5, 2019, Hung Vo commented on Tonal: Your Entire Gym On The Wall :

Wow, this is cool! I grew up with a small gym inside my house, and this seems like something that could free up an entire room. The only deterrence is the huge price point and the monthly subscription costs–that is pricier than some gym memberships that exist out there. One concern I have though is who the actual target audience might be. Any guesses? It may appeal to those who don’t want/are afraid of going to the gym, but for the avid gym goers, I’d imagine the appeal and tangibility of traditional equipment beat some flimsy machine. I’d imagine that when someone lifts a lot of weights, this machine would not be able to accommodate. Something about being away from the home is appealing when exercising, and people may not be entirely motivated at home (myself included). However, I’m definitely interested in seeing where this goes!

On March 5, 2019, Hung Vo commented on Smartwatch: The Product We Thought That Was Doomed to Fail :

Interesting take a ubiquitous but often overlooked technology. I actually purchased a Samsung Watch over Christmas break but returned it the next day. It wasn’t as useful, and many functions on the watch I could have done more easily on my phone (playing music, listening to phone calls, etc…). I agree with another comment on whether there is any real value created by the watches. I get Fitbit, but the other watches don’t really add any productivity. If anything, I rather not get notified every time I get a new email or text message. I’d imagine that in the future when the technology is more advanced that they try to replicate the traditional appeal of mechanical watches.