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On September 15, 2015, gscoon commented on FacialNetwork: Why Big Brother will be a Big Winner :

Great post and thanks for sharing. I agree with Kevin – this technology is terrifying, but inevitable. The privacy advocate in me is thinking of ways to make this application useless. At the moment, the only effective method I can think of would be to create false positives on massive scale. For instance, having matches of “John Smith” appear in 3,456 locations around the world in the same hour. Obviously, those creating the technology will tout it’s benefits, which are real, like identifying criminals and easily tagging your besties. I, however, think the negatives far outweigh positives. Thanks again for sharing.

On September 15, 2015, gscoon commented on Is it too late for Microsoft? :

I’m probably somewhere between you and Brandon on the Microsoft optimism scale. I would point out that their Surface Pro line has been fairly successful. Even Apple (yes Apple) is copying them with their new tablet. Microsoft, like SAP, has such a large user base that it will take a long time for them to die, which is why I dont think they will die. They have enough money to play catch up by being a fast-follower or by buying their way back into contention.

Nice write-up. I hadn’t heard of Niche, but I think the company is targeting a very interesting market. I’ve tinkered with similar ideas (more from a software platform angle) providing celebrities and regular individuals with the ability to tag items in their posts (IG, FB, twitter, etc) and in turn, get compensated for it. What Niche does, that you point out, is definitely more people focused. While I think it’s easier to get off the ground with this approach, I’d be interested to find out what/how much work goes into each additional client and whether they can continue to scale. Thanks for sharing.