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From a friend working at Marriott over the summer, I think esp with the finalization of their merger with SPG, the company is focusing A LOT of energy on keep its place at the top for travelers. I think this story definitely has a long way to play out ESP. given PCs points on regulation. I think AirBnB is going to face a lot of pushback (similar to Uber) in the way its spread in major cities across the world, especially in those that are facing affordable housing shortages.

On March 4, 2019, Gene E. Lectington commented on Sleep on It: How Casper *Flipped* the Mattress Industry :

I agree 100%. Also, aside from marketing and initial buzz, I personally don’t see a sustainable competitive advantage for Casper, although you outlined some great points Gina! I have a feeling this industry isn’t done being disrupted…

On March 4, 2019, Gene E. Lectington commented on The Best Camera is the One That’s With You :

I actually just received a ‘point and shoot’ digital camera for Christmas and am interested if my purchase, as well as a number of friends, is anecdotal or a trend in a swing back to more high quality hardware? I think with the stagnation of how smartphone cameras are improving (aside from innovations in how they use ML to improve quality) that consumers (or at least a small subset) may show demand for higher quality images — maybe there’s a niche for cameras that complement smartphones?