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On February 3, 2017, changeme_47 commented on Upwork: Changing the way we work! :

Thank you for your post. Upwork -which I did not know about- is definitively taking advantage of a changing work place in most part of the world. I am wondering which are the leading sectors of the employment markets having already adopted this platform and also what kind of regulation pressure (such as the one we have seen with Uber) could possibly pose a threat to this App which might have the potential to disrupt the labor markets.

On February 3, 2017, changeme_47 commented on Google Maps: the winner that begets winning :

Thank you post; indeed as per your intro and the number of posts, Google Maps seems to have become a part of our daily lives that we increasingly depend upon. You did allude to some of the revenue model of this particular App but your post made me even more curious about trying to understand what are its different component. In particular, the data capture is tremendous. Its use to feed back the mapping algorithms is clear. I wonder what other ways this formidable data can be/is being captured and participates to revenues.

On February 3, 2017, changeme_47 commented on One Medical Group: The Potential Uber of Healthcare :

Thank you for your post as it described a platform where it seems that both providers and users are indeed winners delivering a critical service to our society. The one area that I would be interested to see how One Medical Group is responding to is older patients or “seniors”. Definitively a fast growing segment of the population in the US and in many other parts of the world, with increasing life expectancy, consuming greater healthcare services than the generations prior and yet, often, a population segment which has a large proportion of disengagement toward digital interaction.
How does a business model such as One Medical Group address this target?