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On May 16, 2020, Fernanda Pedreira commented on Teladoc and the Rise of the Virtual Doctor :

Thank yo for your post. I was interested in knowing more about its competitors and how it really differentiates itself. It seems like there could be a strong network effect but doctors can attend to patients in several platforms so I wonder what they are doing to be stay defensive.

On April 23, 2020, Fernanda Pedreira commented on Woebot – the bleeding intelligent self-help therapist and companion :

Thank you for the post. I’m not going to lie but as I read this I was thinking I really hope humanity doesn’t go this route. Unless it really is complementary to telemedicine or anything that involves an actual physician. “Despite Woebot’s many benefits and scientifically proven effectiveness, the major hinder to reaching a critical loyal mass is most likely a general misconception that chatbots and emotions do not go hand in hand, leading people to dismiss the app before trying it.” This is me but I understand that it can be helpful.

I am wondering, however, if Woebot has thought of partnering with psychologistes and psychiatrists who can then really assist patients. Or perhaps try to gauge the level of anxiety and depression using AI because the truth is: if someone is really depressed, symptoms might improve but in the long term they might have to go no meds and this requires a human touch.

On April 23, 2020, Fernanda Pedreira commented on Airbnb – using AI to evaluate if a guest is trustworthy :

Thank you for sharing these interesting features Airbnb has included in their platform. As a guest, I would always be concerned with security and the “background” of the house owner. But as you mentioned, I am wary of Airbnb vetting other social media platforms to get individual’s profiles. I wonder if there is any possibility of running a background check in a partnership with any specialized companies and use facial recognition as part of the process. Also, I’d be interested to know what its direct competitors are doing (like booking or other c2c marketplaces).

On April 11, 2020, Fernanda Pedreira commented on Haven – A safe and steady logistics platform :

It was interesting to read about Haven — I didn’t really know this existed and have recently heard of an idea for a platform that connects truck drivers with customers. It does seem how disintermediation and multihoming make it difficult for Haven to capture value. Similarly, does not seem like they have secured a defensible position from new entrants. I am curious whether adding products to capitalize on same-side network effects (or create them) could add value to customers and logistics provider. Could that create stickiness? What would that look like? Interesting!

On April 11, 2020, Fernanda Pedreira commented on ASOS: Your one-stop shop for all things fashion :

Interesting article. I couldnt really think of any platforms that currently do something similar or that can compete head to head. Net-a-porter, for instance, is intersting, but it focuses on a luxury market.
Also, I am wondering whether ASOS has considered selling performance management or analytics to the labels that sell on their website. That could be an additional source of revenue and decrease the likelihood of multihoming (or at least suppliers will prefer to go to ASOS).

On April 1, 2020, Fernanda Pedreira commented on MasterClass – Mastering Scale as Edutainment Platform? :

Very interesting. I don’t know what their revenue breakdown is but I definitely think sustainability and profitability (given that they do invest to produce these top-noth videos) requires adding different “products” and sources of revenues. As someone previously mentioned, not only is it vulnerable to a “streaming fatigue” but it is hard to imagine that subscription would bring attractive margins. This model relies on personalities who will inevitably seek to profit from commercializiang their products.

I agree that this is entertainment and not education, especially given the length of the videos and celebrities behind them. This may be another point of attention for MasterClass if they do not find alternative ways of diversifying.