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Sue Crowley

She / Her

Sue Crowley

What I do

I manage the programs for D^3. I am responsible for the Labs, Operations, HR, Communications, and Data Science functions for D^3.

What I care about

I am passionate about managing people and help them to grow professionally while enjoying the work. I specialize in new organizations: starting them and charting new paths, while paying careful attention to inclusion, culture and establishing efficient processes.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I've worked at Harvard for over 30 years and it seems like one job naturally progresses to the next one here. I have a background in IT management, program administration and program delivery. I helped launch HBS Online, the Harvard Business Analytics Program, and was lucky enough to be able to complete HBAP ,and managed the Digital Transformation Task Force at HBS. These have all led me to a strong passion to launch D^3 and help forge new possibilities for research at Harvard University.

Discipline: Data Science, Design, Education

Role: Staff

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Data & Analysis, Innovation & Disruption, Managing in the Digital Economy

The DI is now part of the Digital, Data, and Design (D^3) Institute at Harvard. Read more about this change..