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Rick Lacerda


MBA Fellow
Rick Lacerda

What I do

I dream of far-off lands, of languages I do not understand, and of realities that stretch beyond the horizon. Every day, I pour my energy into making these distant dreams a tangible reality.

What I care about

I'm driven by the fusion of technology and imagination to craft novel realities. Engaging in conversations about building a more inclusive world fuels my spirit

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

Business has witnessed myriad realities over time: think of an era where recruitment was done without the internet, consulting without PowerPoint, and stock trades over phone calls. Many in today's workforce recall these times vividly. My intrinsic passion for envisioning different realities and actively working towards them resonates deeply with D^3's mission. As we've seen businesses transform in unimaginable ways over the decades, I'm excited to contribute to the (re)invention of how organizations compete and thrive in our digital age.

Discipline: Computer Science, Engineering, Management

Platform: Data Science

Role: Research Associate

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Data & Analysis, Fintech / Digital Currencies

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