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Evelyn Ramirez

She/Her/ Hers

Product Manager
Evelyn Ramirez

What I do

I translate user needs and pain points into innovative products that make life easier for people.

What I care about

I deeply care about ensuring that AI technologies don't inadvertently replicate the biases that people are subject to. By working in AI, I hope to create guardrails that will make new technologies more equitable and inclusive.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

Having worked in big tech for 6+ years, I am deeply passionate about creating products that improve the lives of all people, especially underrepresented populations. Because of this, my interests strongly align with D^3's mission to (re)invent how organizations compete and thrive in the digital world. With the rise of generative AI, I think all organizations should be intentional about how these tools are leveraged but also regulated for the advancement of technology and humankind.

Discipline: Design, Education, Entrepreneurship, ​Humanities, Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Social Science

Platform: Harvard Platform

Role: Affiliated Partner

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Civic Tech, Data & Analysis, Fintech / Digital Currencies, Innovation & Disruption, Social Enterprise

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