D^3 Blueprint

Many digitally-native or transformed organizations have delivered significant value creation for their stakeholders by building common platforms that enable them to innovate quickly and adjust continually. The Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard will follow a similar platform strategy to ensure that the impact of our research labs is greater than the sum of our parts.

The D^3 platforms are designed to: 

  • Keep Institute activities closely connected to the changing world
  • Facilitate and support the research effort within the programs
  • Enable learning to be transferred seamlessly throughout the Institute, Harvard, and the world

D^3 platforms will help create and build communities of interested faculty, students, practitioners, and technical experts.


The Accelerator proactively engages companies and assists in their transformation and navigation through massive change, builds relationships to identify and develop new research collaborations, and ultimately influences curricula and course development.


The Learning Network connects HBS and Harvard alumni, professional learning participants, industry experts, and corporate cohorts via platforms, events, and learning experiences to foster connections between academic and industry groups that further lab research and scale the reach of D^3’s core mission.


The Digital Observatory generates insights on how digitization is impacting organizations, policymakers, and governments through partnerships with leading companies and public and proprietary data sources. The Observatory will develop a cohort of world-leading experts on D^3 topics and insights will be used to guide research, curricula, course offerings, and entrepreneurship.


The Startup Foundry catalyzes the launch of new companies that solve D^3 problems with a specific focus on B2B problems. The Foundry will engage students, alumni, and the global community in venture creation, provide a platform for research on new company processes, commercialize AI applications in myriad fields, and build a D^3 entrepreneurial community. 

Signals, trends, and feedback collected from the four platform components will power new research topics and collaborations. 

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