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Wilbur Chen

Role : Affiliated FacultyTopic : AI / Machine LearningDiscipline : Applied ScienceTopic : CybersecurityDiscipline : Data ScienceLab : Digital Value LabDiscipline : EconomicsDiscipline : FinanceTopic : Fintech / Digital CurrenciesTopic : Innovation & DisruptionTopic : Managing in the Digital EconomyDiscipline : Natural ScienceDiscipline : Social Science
Wilbur Chen

What I do

I'm a researcher studying topics relating to accounting, finance and the digital economy.

What I care about

Fascinated by the use of digital technologies in augmenting the capabilities of traditional businesses. Particularly interested in how capital markets are facilitating these types of investment in traditional companies and how capital market participants are using these technologies for their own operations.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

My research agenda studies how capital markets are facilitating the digital re-invention process in traditional firms/industries. This research aims to provide some insights into (1) how markets are pricing this process, (2) the role markets play in driving this process, and (3) the digital technologies that market participants use themselves to augment their own organizations.

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