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Seth Neel


Topic : AI / Machine LearningDiscipline : Computer ScienceDiscipline : Data ScienceDiscipline : EntrepreneurshipRole : FacultyRole : Principal InvestigatorLab : Trustworthy AI Lab
Seth Neel

What I do

I work with algorithms. I write mathematical proofs about them, implement them in code, test them on real data, and ask questions about if they are fair, private, or interpretable. I talk to leaders at companies to uncover how they think about these issues in practice.

What I care about

I care about doing my small part to help society reap the immense benefits of A.I. while ensuring that the technology we use is worthy of our trust. I want to do cool math and collaborate with brilliant colleagues.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

My research aims to give the next generation of leaders the tools to confront some of the thorniest decisions regarding the role of A.I.

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