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Rem Koning


Topic : Data & AnalysisDiscipline : EntrepreneurshipRole : FacultyTopic : Innovation & DisruptionRole : Principal InvestigatorDiscipline : Social ScienceLab : Tech for All Lab
Rem Koning

What I do

Assistant Professor at Harvard studying entrepreneurial strategy and building the Tech for All Lab. Researching how entrepreneurs and firms can broaden the benefits of technology & innovation.

What I care about

How firms and ideas can scale. How data and experimentation can help these startups build better strategies that serve all.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

Excited to bring my background in data-driven computational field experiments to D^3 to train innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs to build better firms that serve those historically excluded from the benefits of innovation.

The DI is now part of the Digital, Data, and Design (D^3) Institute at Harvard. Read more about this change..