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Raffaella Sadun

Topic : AI / Machine LearningTopic : Data & AnalysisLab : Digital Reskilling LabDiscipline : EconomicsRole : FacultyTopic : Industry 4.0Topic : Innovation & DisruptionTopic : Managing in the Digital Economy
Raffaella Sadun

What I do

I research the managerial and organizational determinants of firm performance. I collect large scale evidence to document how organizational and managerial behavior varies across firms, industries and countries, and use cutting edge econometric techniques to make sense of the data.

What I care about

I would like for managers to be fully aware of the tremendous change that their actions can enable in organizations, and to make sure that this leverage is used in the best possible way to create growth and opportunities for society at large.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I am deeply committed to rigorous and impactful research and profoundly interested in the multiple ways in which digitization affects society.

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