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Peter Tufano


Topic : AI / Machine LearningLab : Climate & Sustainability Impact LabTopic : Data & AnalysisDiscipline : DesignDiscipline : EntrepreneurshipRole : FacultyDiscipline : FinanceTopic : Social EnterpriseDiscipline : Social Science
Peter Tufano

What I do

I've been a professor, a dean, an entrepreneur, and an advisor. In each, I think I try to bring new research and evidence to bear--along with principled leadership--to help organizations better meet the needs of people and planet.

What I care about

If we continue to destroy the planet that we all depend on, we will cause misery and suffering on a global scale, exacerbating every existing tension (political, generational, and ideological) to the detriment of those already disadvantaged. Business, and hence business schools, must take the lead in addressing these issues.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

D^3's mission to change how organizations compete and thrive must also embrace how organizations collaborate to help the world flourish. D^3's mission to educate a new generation of leaders must also help create a new generation of systems leaders.

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