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Nina Cohodes

She / Her

Topic : AI / Machine LearningTopic : Data & AnalysisTopic : Digital InfrastructureDiscipline : EducationTopic : Innovation & DisruptionDiscipline : ManagementTopic : Managing in the Digital EconomyTopic : Platforms & CrowdsTopic : Social EnterpriseDiscipline : Social ScienceRole : Staff
Nina Cohodes

What I do

I manage people, programs, and projects to create a supportive and efficient research environment.

What I care about

Besides all the fascinating research topics, I'm excited about building infrastructure and thinking through how to best set up systems for research success. I also care deeply about ensuring representation of women and BIPOC in all our teams at D^3.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

As a member of the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) management team, I saw firsthand the power of the lab model of research. I'm looking forward to helping others at D^3 build upon and expand that model to enrich the HBS research community.

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