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Eva Ascarza


Topic : AI / Machine LearningDiscipline : Applied ScienceLab : Customer Intelligence LabTopic : Data & AnalysisDiscipline : Data ScienceRole : FacultyDiscipline : ManagementTopic : Managing in the Digital EconomyDiscipline : MarketingRole : Principal Investigator
Eva Ascarza

What I do

I research, teach, and think about how companies can better manage customers for growth and how artificial intelligence (AI) can enable them to do so. My research interests include customer retention, personalization and targeting, AI in Marketing, and algorithmic bias.

What I care about

I am passionate about helping managers better leverage their customer data and AI tools to better understand and manage customers to achieve long-term profitability.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I like numbers, data, and to develop methodology that can make sense of data to answer relevant questions. I especially apply this in the context of customer management, and enjoy helping companies better understand their customers, measure and asses their value, and quantify the impact of their actions and interventions. This goes hand in hand with the D^3 mission.

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