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David Parkes

He / Him

Topic : AI / Machine LearningDiscipline : Computer ScienceLab : Crypto, Fintech, & Web3 LabTopic : Data & AnalysisDiscipline : Data ScienceDiscipline : EconomicsRole : FacultyTopic : Fintech / Digital CurrenciesTopic : Platforms & Crowds
David Parkes

What I do

I think about the interplay between economics and AI, in terms of how the economy is being transformed by AI, what AI means for economics, and how economic thinking can drive progress towards AI.

What I care about

How can we design rules, mechanisms, incentives, or affordances to get to good outcomes in decentralized systems?

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I'm passionate about the digital economy and the opportunities and challenges that are presented by the digitalization of all things economic.

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