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David Homa


Platform : AcceleratorTopic : AI / Machine LearningDiscipline : Applied ScienceTopic : Data & AnalysisTopic : Digital InfrastructureDiscipline : EducationTopic : Innovation & DisruptionDiscipline : ManagementTopic : Managing in the Digital EconomyTopic : Social EnterpriseDiscipline : Social ScienceRole : Staff
David Homa

What I do

I enable organizations to reach their objectives by instilling purpose and just enough structure to achieve goals and feel good doing so.

What I care about

I am deeply interested in the past, present, and future of high education and the role it can play in the world, as well as what constitutes necessary digital technology literacy among all people in a society.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

By pairing researchers and organizations in research and learning partnerships, I am able to leverage my business, technology, operations, and higher education experience to further the objectives of the D-cubed Institute.

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