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Bernal Cortés


Topic : AI / Machine LearningLab : blackbox LabTopic : Civic TechDiscipline : Computer ScienceTopic : Digital InfrastructureDiscipline : ​HumanitiesRole : Research AssociateDiscipline : Social Science
Bernal Cortés

What I do

I research the complex intersection of race, technology, culture, and business to elucidate the interaction between digital transformation, the emergence of novel technologies, and systemic inequities.

What I care about

I am very passionate about ensuring that novel technologies promote the common good and public interest. Far too often are new products built without proper consideration of their ethical and social implications, and I believe that as researchers, we have a duty to shine a light on these implications.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I believe that our future will be defined by our grasp of the issues arising from the confluence of technology and society. Through my background and work at D^3, I hope to contribute to developing a better future by critically studying and communicating what lies ahead at this intersection.

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